last changeTue, 30 Jul 2013 21:00:38 -0300
2013-07-30 Gui Iribarren Abandon repo in favour of default tip
2013-04-19 Gui Iribarren fix regression introduced by migrating to git
2013-04-19 Gui Iribarren don't bail out on an empty directory
2013-04-18 Gui Iribarren use safe-reboot cancel on confirm action
2013-04-18 Gui Iribarren s/SAFE_REBOOT_PATH/SAFE_REBOOT/g
2013-04-18 Gui Iribarren use safe-reboot on push action to do the overlay backup and stuff
2013-04-18 Gui Iribarren chmod +x safe-reboot script after writing it on the router
2013-04-16 Gui Iribarren spit safe-reboot into /usr/sbin/ directly
2013-04-16 Gui Iribarren evil ugly hack: embed safe-reboot script as a string inside ruci and copy it to device before pushing
2013-04-16 Gui Iribarren fix repoIsClean function, use git status
2013-07-30 91665555b775 default