last changeWed, 31 Jul 2013 04:48:18 -0300
2013-07-31 nicoechaniz moved wifi links inside node structure default tip
2013-06-30 nicoechaniz test for devices existance
2013-05-13 nicoechaniz updataed NodeDetailView to correctly show links in the new data model
2013-05-09 nicoechaniz restructured node/devices/interfaces data model from 'relational' to nested
2013-05-08 nicoechaniz update tests to code status after WBMv6
2013-04-19 nicoechaniz added network and node collection sorting
2013-04-18 nicoechaniz re-read and draw links when a node is moved
2013-04-17 nicoechaniz added move and delete node features
2013-04-17 nicoechaniz added initial network export to KML
2013-04-16 nicoechaniz link order by node name in node detail view
2013-07-31 3e5699070d5c default